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Matina ♥ MD Wedding Photographers

Matt + Christina = Matina “It’s you. It’s always been you.”EXPAND POST

Ashlew ♥ Elkridge, MD Wedding Photographers

Ashlee + Andrew = Ashlew ” ‘I love you.’ ‘I know.’ “ We wish we could take creditEXPAND POST

Machel ♥ Gettysburg, PA Wedding Photographers

Michael + Rachel = Machel This wedding was chock-full of emotion and beyond sweet. These two have somethingEXPAND POST

Zachabeth ♥ Barrington, RI Wedding Photographers

Zachary + Laurabeth = Zachabeth Zachabeth tied the knot on a gorgeous fall day. We had an unbelievable time with themEXPAND POST

Jonda ♥ Georgetown, DC Engagement Photographers

Jonathan + Brenda = Jonda We think your alma mater is a fantastic location for your engagement shoot. Especially whenEXPAND POST

Mared ♥ Annapolis, MD Wedding Photographers

Missy + Jared = Mared They celebrated their day in style on the Annapolis waterfront. We always enjoy our time withEXPAND POST

Jolleen ♥ Washington, DC Engagement Photographers

Joe + Colleen = Jolleen We’re beside ourselves with how beautiful this shoot is. The monuments are alwaysEXPAND POST

Starrie ♥ Louisa, VA Wedding Photographers

Steve + Carrie = Starrie It’s always neat when you get a feel for a couple and their wedding day is EXACTLY asEXPAND POST

Joranden ♥ Fredericksburg, Va Engagement Photographers

Jordan + Branden = Joranden Fredericksburg in the fall is too much pretty to handle. We thoroughly enjoyed our timeEXPAND POST

Dratie ♥ Arlington, VA Wedding Photographers

Drew + Katie = Dratie From start to finish this day was filled with laughter and so much love. We had an amazingEXPAND POST

Nirmarami ♥ Montgomery, MD Elopement Photographer

Nirmalan +Abihirami = Nirmarami They had a quiet, small ceremony at a small church. It was intimate and beautiful. ThenEXPAND POST

Belex ♥ Chevy Chase, MD Wedding Photographer

Ben + Alex = Belex They planned a quiet little day at Woodend Sanctuary. We love dance parties and this wedding did notEXPAND POST

Edlia ♥ Washington, DC Engagement Photographer

Edward + Julia = Edlia We met these two in the comfiest of comfy places – their home. After a quick cup ofEXPAND POST

Machel ♥ Montgomery, MD Engagement Photographer

Michael + Rachel = Machel Brookside gardens was the perfect backdrop to their session. These two have romance runningEXPAND POST

Jouren ♥ Washington, DC Engagement Photographer

Joe + Lauren = Jouren We met up bright and early amongst the monuments to document their love. These two are adorableEXPAND POST

Naybin ♥ Annapolis, MD Engagement Photographers

Nayoung + Youngbin = Naybin You have to love Annapolis City Dock. Between the soft light, gorgeous backdrop and theirEXPAND POST

Scocole ♥ Hatteras, NC Wedding Photographer

Scott + Nicole = Scocole This wedding was near and dear to our hearts and we love the crap out of these two. There isEXPAND POST

Jentor ♥ Washington, DC Engagement Photographers

Jenny + Victor = Jentor A casual walk about town ending at a bookstore was the perfect engagement session for these twoEXPAND POST

Ma-B ♥ Quantico, VA Wedding Photographers

Maria + JB = Ma-B They were married on base at Quantico, VA in a lovely celebration. These two are so sweet. Love likeEXPAND POST

Starrie ♥ Washington DC Engagement Photographers

Steve + Carrie = Starrie We met these two bright and early in the heart of DC for a sunrise shoot. This is our FAVORITEEXPAND POST

Sarony ♥ Rockport, ME Destination Wedding Photographers

Sarah + Tony = Sarony We thought these two couldn’t get more adorable after their Annapolis waterfront engagementEXPAND POST

Chrae ♥ Alexandria, VA Engagement Photographers

We met these two at Union Street Public House in downtown Alexandria and really loved them. They’re just allEXPAND POST

Nosh ♥ Washington, DC Wedding Photographers

Nina + Josh = Nosh They were married on a slightly rainy day in DC. As we remind all of our couples – we put in aEXPAND POST

Tejati ♥ Washington, DC Anniversary Photographer

Tejas + Khyati = Tejati You might remember these two attractive folks from their colorful Indian wedding last year. ItEXPAND POST

Chrandy ♥ Alexandria, VA Wedding Photographers

Chris + Mandy = Chrandy We knew the minute we met these two that working with them was going to be a blast. ChrisEXPAND POST

Marbe ♥ Manassas, VA Engagement Photographers

Marlo + Abe = Marbe We are beside ourselves with how sweet these two are. We knew we’d love them when theyEXPAND POST

Ashliam ♥ Bristow, VA Wedding Photographers

Ashley + William = Ashliam These two are so near and dear to our hearts. We’ve been blessed with awesome clientsEXPAND POST

Laurdan ♥ Glen Burnie, MD Wedding Photographers

Lauren + Jordan = Laurdan These two decided to say their “I Do’s” prior to their big wedding. WhenEXPAND POST

Claises ♥ Fredericksburg, VA Wedding Photographers

Claire + Moises = Claises We always gush about our couples. We can’t help it – we have the best clients.EXPAND POST

Mared ♥ Phoenixville, PA Engagement Photographers

Missy + Jared = Mared When these two asked us if we’d be willing to road trip up to their adorable home town ofEXPAND POST

Nosh ♥ McLean, VA Engagement Photographers

Nina + Josh = Nosh We knew it was going to be an awesome morning. We knew we’d giggle and have a blast takingEXPAND POST

Mystal ♥ North Beach, Maryland Engagement Photographers

Matt + Krystal = Mystal These two are just so much fun. Krystal has followed our work for some time so we were superEXPAND POST

Meniel ♥ Washington, DC Elopement Photographer

Meg + Daniel = Meniel When we first met these two over Skype we fell in love with them. They’re both soft spokenEXPAND POST

Dratie ♥ St. Michael’s, MD Engagement Photographers

Drew + Katie = Dratie This session is the perfect example of why we LOVE sunrise sessions. That golden hour where theEXPAND POST

Manica ♥ Fredericksburg, VA Engagement Photographer

Matt + Monica = Manica We knew we’d love these two when they suggested getting drinks at one of our favorite barsEXPAND POST

Weyforth Family ♥ Quantico, VA Family Photographer

Meet Paul, Alicia and Ronin. They’re such sweet doting parents and he’s a bundle of adorable. We love thisEXPAND POST

Trarah ♥ Pasadena, MD Wedding Photographers

Travis + Sarah = Trarah We’re sure we don’t have to remind you who this incredibly attractive couple isEXPAND POST

Jurt ♥ Washington, DC Elopement Photographers

We’ve really started pushing to break into doing small, intimate DC elopements. We LOVE elopements. SomethingEXPAND POST

Michaelda ♥ Columbia, MD Wedding Photographers

Michael + Velda = Michaelda When we met these two last year we were beyond excited to work with them. Michael is aEXPAND POST

Ashlew ♥ Baltimore, MD Engagement Photographers

Ashlee + Andrew = Ashlew Ashlew is comprised of two awesome individuals. They’re both funny and easy to talk toEXPAND POST

Chrelly ♥ Richmond, VA Wedding Photographers

Chris + Kelly = Chrelly Our last wedding of 2013! Finally blogged! We’re so happy we get to end such a fantasticEXPAND POST

Belex ♥ Great Falls, MD Photographer

Ben + Alex = Belex Ok, there should be a cap to the amount of cuteness two people can produce. Seriously. WhileEXPAND POST

Wilberlyn ♥ Richmond, Virginia Wedding Photographers

Wilson + Amberlyn = Wilberlyn Wilberlyn  is comprised with two seriously awesome individuals. You might rememberEXPAND POST

Jogen ♥ Annapolis, Maryland Elopement Photographers

John + Magen = Jogen We love elopements. We love the intimacy and simplicity of smaller weddings. Jogen said “IEXPAND POST

Kyan ♥ Easton, Maryland Wedding Photographers

Katie + Ryan = Kyan You’ll recognize these faces from their chilly Annapolis Engagement session last year. WeEXPAND POST

Claises ♥ Fredericksburg, VA Engagement Photographers

Claire + Moises = Claises Oh goodness. Sometimes you just have such FUN clients. These two were a blast to hang outEXPAND POST

Climily ♥ Richmond, VA Wedding Photographers

Clif + Emily = Climily Sometimes you meet two people who just fit. That’s Emily and Clif. They’reEXPAND POST

Matina ♥ Manassas, VA Wedding Photographers

Matt + Christina = Matina We met up with these two sweethearts right near Bull Run Winery in Manassas. The battlefieldsEXPAND POST

Carolee ♥ Washington DC Wedding Photographers

Carolyng + Lee = Carolee We adore these two as much as you can adore someone without getting all creepy aboutEXPAND POST

Chrandy ♥ Georgetown, Washington DC Engagement Photographers

Chris + Mandy = Chrandy We met these two in Georgetown on a pretty, relatively warm evening. We love that area –EXPAND POST

Michelda ♥ Washington, DC Engagement Photographers

Michael + Velda = Michelda We met up with these two sweethearts at the Jefferson Memorial. What a gorgeous backdrop toEXPAND POST

Kandan ♥ Leesburg, VA Wedding Photographers

Katie + Brendan = Kandan We know, these two are unforgettable. First they made you “AWWWWW” withEXPAND POST

Ashliam ♥ Rappahannock County, VA Engagement Photographers

Ashley + William = Ashliam The love between these is just so sweet. It’s a quiet sort of love, nothing too flashyEXPAND POST

Stessica ♥ Havre de Grace, MD Wedding Photographers

Steven + Jessica = Stessica You probably remember these two hotties from their lighthouse engagement session earlierEXPAND POST

Ryolyn ♥ Washington DC, VA Wedding Photographers

Ryan + Carolyn = Ryolyn We had been anticipating this day since we shot their Washington DC Engagement session lastEXPAND POST

Wilberlyn ♥ Richmond, VA Engagement Photographers

Wilson + Amberlyn = Wilberlyn Alright, these two are just downright adorable. From head to toe they look like they wereEXPAND POST

Anave ♥ Prince William County, VA Wedding Photographers

Anna + Dave = Anave Oh goodness. We have been dying to share this wedding on our blog. We love weddings that perfectlyEXPAND POST

Trarah ♥ Annapolis, MD Engagement Photographers

Travis + Sarah = Trarah Sarah and Travis are such a classy, timeless couple. He’s very chivalrous and treats herEXPAND POST

Seamanda ♥ Warsaw VA Wedding Photographers

Sean + Amanda = Seamanda Seamanda grew up in a teeny tiny town. They seriously only have one stoplight, which isEXPAND POST

Personal – Happy Birthday Matt!!

Hi all! It’s Kathy! We rarely do personal posts as we really like to keep the focus on our clients and their loveEXPAND POST

Anave ♥ Washington, DC Engagement Photographers

Anna + Dave = Anave Anna and Dave are just two of the sweetest people ever. They are both are incredibly intelligentEXPAND POST

Adantha ♥ Fredericksburg, VA Wedding Photographers

Adam + Samantha = Adantha This is a rather personal post, even though it is a wedding. Adam is Kathy’s cousin andEXPAND POST

Carolee ♥ Washington DC Elopement Photographers

Carolyng + Lee = Carolee These two look quite familiar, right? You probably remember their engagement session we postedEXPAND POST

Carolee ♥ Washington DC Engagement Photographers

Carolyng + Lee = Carolee Oh goodness, we couldn’t even start to tell you how amazing these two are. They’reEXPAND POST

Molstafa ♥ Washington DC Wedding Photographers

Molly + Mustafa = Molstafa Individually, they’re two of the kindest people we’ve had the opportunity toEXPAND POST

Taythony ♥ Fredericksburg, VA Engagement Photographers

Taylor Rae + Anthony = Taythony When these two told us they wanted an offbeat engagement session – we knew weEXPAND POST

Elustin ♥ Newport News, VA Wedding Photographers

Elisabeth + Dustin = Elustin You might remember these two cuties from their airport themed engagement session late lastEXPAND POST

Ma-B ♥ Quantico, VA Engagement Photographers

Maria + JB = Ma-B When we first met these two, we could tell they were pretty sweet on each other. Silly smiles and shyEXPAND POST

Sarenjamin ♥ Westminster, MD Wedding Photographers

Sarah + Benjamin = Sarenjamin These two are adorable. You may remember them from their sweet, dockside engagementEXPAND POST

Ninnettia ♥ Woodbridge, VA Wedding Photographers

Nicole + Minnettia = Ninnettia These two ladies are so fantastic. We had an idea their wedding was going to be a blastEXPAND POST

Tejati Portraits ♥ Adelphi, MD Indian Wedding Photographers

After their wedding ceremony we took Tejati over to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. It was gorgeous! They were absoluteEXPAND POST

Tejati ♥ Adelphi, MD Indian Wedding Ceremony Photographers

Tejas + Khyati = Tejati This wedding was visually stunning. We adore Hindu weddings – not only for the colors butEXPAND POST

Marly ♥ Marine Corps Museum – Quantico, VA Wedding Photographers

Michael + Carly = Marly These two are just too cute. We have to say their love story is downright adorable. Growing up,EXPAND POST

We’ve been featured!!

Yesterday Sarony’s lovely engagement was featured on Bayside Bride! We love, love, love this session. So happyEXPAND POST

We’ve been featured!!

Yet again the adorable Jenna’s Wedding has been featured!! We love that their wedding is so popular – itEXPAND POST

Gretchim ♥ Quantico, VA Engagement Photographers

Gretchen + Jim = Gretchim When Gretchen and Jim first contacted us about doing their engagement shoot we were SOEXPAND POST

Peather ♥ Stafford, VA Wedding Photographers

Paul + Heather = Peather We’re so excited to finally have an opportunity to blog this gorgeousEXPAND POST

Sarony ♥ Annapolis, MD Engagement Photographers

Sarah + Tony = Sarony We met up with these two Abercrombie models (hehe) bright and early at City Dock in Annapolis. WeEXPAND POST

Jonecky ♥ Frederick, MD Wedding Photographers

Jon + Becky = Jonecky. Jon and Becky are such an endearing couple. Every time we have the opportunity to see these twoEXPAND POST

Seamanda ♥ Warsaw, VA Engagement Photographers

Sean + Amanda = Seamanda (pronounced Sha-manda) We met Amanda through Lavid - Amanda was the stunning blondeEXPAND POST

Ryolyn ♥ Washington, DC Engagement Photographers

Ryan + Carolyn = Ryolyn When we met these two in DC for their engagement session we couldn’t stopEXPAND POST

Jillopher ♥ Savage, MD Wedding Photographers

Jill + Chris = Jillopher We’ve proclaimed our love for these two before – they’re justEXPAND POST

We’ve been featured!!

Today Stessica’s sweet nautical Havre De Grace session was featured on Bayside Bride! So awesome seeing ourEXPAND POST

We’ve been featured!!

Yesterday, A Love Thing featured Kanden’s sunrise football field engagement session! Their proposal and loveEXPAND POST

We’ve been featured!!

Today we woke up to the lovely surprise of Molstafa’s engagement session being featured on CapitolEXPAND POST

Stessica ♥ Havre De Grace, MD Engagement Photographers

Steven + Jessica = Stessica Man oh man. These two are amazing. Not only are they already top notch models, they areEXPAND POST

Molstafa ♥ Washington DC Engagement Photographers

Molly + Mustafa = Molstafa Molstafa is comprised of two of the nicest people we’ve ever met! When Molly contactedEXPAND POST

Kylica ♥ Fredericksburg VA Engagement Photographers

Kyle + Monica = Kylica They’re originally from Washington. They’ve known each other practically their wholeEXPAND POST

Ninnettia ♥ Arlington, VA Engagement Photographers

Nicole + Minnettia = Ninnettia As we’ve said before we met these two gorgeous ladies at the Rainbow WeddingEXPAND POST

We’ve been featured!

Today we had the pleasure of having Joffany’s wedding featured on Fab You Bliss! We were ecstatic to see itEXPAND POST