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Carolee ♥ Washington DC Elopement Photographers

Carolyng + Lee = Carolee

These two look quite familiar, right? You probably remember their engagement session we posted last Friday!
Carolee decided to take part of the stress out of their big day and go ahead and tie the knot privately prior to their
wedding day! So, we doubled up their engagement and elopement! This is the second part of the morning and
boy is it adorable. We felt blessed to be able to be part of such an intimate moment for these two. We stood in the
back of an empty room and watched them commit their lives to each other one on one. Utter romance.
We even got to sign as the witness! Now they can never forget us! Hehe.

Keep an eye out for their actual wedding ceremony coming to the blog soon. For now, enjoy the elopement!

Carolee - 022Carolee - 08Carolee - 025Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer_0001Carolee - 06Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer_0002Carolee - 05Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer_0003Carolee - 014Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer_0004Carolee - 03Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer_0005Carolee - 026Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer_0006Carolee - 032Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer_0007Carolee - 035Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer_0008Carolee - 039Carolee - 040Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer_0009Carolee - 054Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer_0010Carolee - 061Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer_0011Carolee - 067Carolee - 068Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer_0012Carolee - 073Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer_0013Carolee - 075Carolee - 079

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