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Mystal ♥ North Beach, Maryland Engagement Photographers

Matt + Krystal = Mystal

These two are just so much fun. Krystal has followed our work for some time so we were super flattered to have
a client who is so all about our style! 😀 We met up at the crack of dawn in North Beach and the sun was shining bright!
Luckily the pier was deserted so we were able to have a field day! Afterwards we headed back to Krystal’s house to take some
pictures with their lovely pups, Valerie and Chloe! We just wanted to eat them up they were so adorable. Also, that big willow
tree behind them in those pictures is the exact spot that Matt popped the question. So sweet!

We couldn’t be more in love with these images and cannot wait for their sweet little wedding next March.

Mystal Engagement - 01  North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0001Mystal Engagement - 016North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0002Mystal Engagement - 010North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0006 Mystal Engagement - 09Mystal Engagement - 019North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0007Mystal Engagement - 029North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0005Mystal Engagement - 035North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0008Mystal Engagement - 030Mystal Engagement - 037North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0009Mystal Engagement - 040North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0010Mystal Engagement - 044North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0011Mystal Engagement - 058North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0012Mystal Engagement - 062North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0013Mystal Engagement - 060Mystal Engagement - 052Mystal Engagement - 066North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0015Mystal Engagement - 079North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0016Mystal Engagement - 072Mystal Engagement - 078North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0017KrystalMattGifMystal Engagement - 092North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0018Mystal Engagement - 094Mystal Engagement - 099Mystal Engagement - 0100North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0020Mystal Engagement - 0103North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0021Mystal Engagement - 0106Mystal Engagement - 0107North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0022Mystal Engagement - 0112North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0023Mystal Engagement - 0118Mystal Engagement - 0122North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0024Mystal Engagement - 0114

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    Kelly Garisto - Outstanding job! So natural and special!ReplyCancel

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