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About Mathy



  • We’re best friends.
  • We’re an amazing team.
  • We took our first road trip to Natural Bridge, VA… then married there 14 months later.
  • We have two awesome children and they’re kind of a big deal.
  • We tend to be laughing 70% of the time (and spend the other 30% eating).
  • We share a plate at every meal.
  • We cuddle like it’s going out of style. 
  • We love the outdoors and often hike.
  • We’ve successfully explored every cavern in VA and many around the US!
  • We drink entirely too many iced triple espressos.
  • We’re addicted to Super Mario and own too many game consoles.
  • We have the most supportive, wonderful family for which we are immensely grateful.
  • We love documenting life.
  • We find that loving what you do and getting to do that with who you love = complete and utter happiness.

We want to tell your story. We want to document your day exactly as it happens from start to finish. No “wait, do that again!” and no “everyone look over here and smile!” We blend in and fade back and let your day unfold. We’re going to be beside you from start to finish, cracking jokes along the way. From time to time we end up being human GPS, flower holders, family coordinators, hair toucher uppers, dress bustlers, bow tiers, “The Wobble” demonstrators and so much more… and we love every single second of it. We’re here for you.

We like to keep it straightforward and simple in every aspect of our business from the first meet up over drinks or coffee to the final delivery of your images. We don’t force print or album sales, just friendship. We’re cool like that.

Wedding photographers capturing hella awesome moments mostly in VA, DC, and MD – available worldwide