Missy + Jared = Mared

When these two asked us if we’d be willing to road trip up to their adorable home town of Phoenixville, PA we were so excited!
Mathy LOVES to travel. Please – give us an excuse to get on a plane or ride the roads for 8-10 hours at a time – we live for adventures!!

We met up early in the AM at their home and then took a short 2 minute drive to the local historic bridge. One of the things we adore
about PA is the steel bridges you see throughout the state. They’re so rustic and architecturally pleasing! After the four of us and
Ruby (*the true star of the shoot*) did a bit of walking – we headed up to Main Street. The entire morning was filled with laughter and
gabbing like old friends. Seriously, it rocks to have clients that just fit. Plus, they’re so considerate of each other, which is always so cute
to watch! The love between them was incredibly apparent throughout the shoot and so was the fact that they spend most of their time
together laughing. We consider that an excellent sign of what will be an awesome marriage. That’s staying power, people!!

Also, if you want a good giggle – scroll down to the very last image. Oh that silly Ruby Tuesday. Beware of that tough dog!

Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 03Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer_0001Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 06Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 013Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 011Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer_0002Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 019Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 027Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer_0004Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 029Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 031Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 040Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer_0015Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 044Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer_0006Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 068Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 054Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer_0007Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 064Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 076Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer_0016Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 078Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer_0009Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 085Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 0100Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer_0010MARED---01Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer_0013Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 0113Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer_0017Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 0124Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer_0018Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 0112Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 0129Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer_0014Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 0132Phoenixville-Pennsylvania-Engagement-Photographer - 0500

  • Dani - Gorgeous shots, chica!! Love her blue dress and could their fur baby be any cuter!!??ReplyCancel

  • Erin Wheeler - Wow– such a beautiful area! Love all of her outfits and especially love that last shot- too stinkin cute!ReplyCancel

  • Katie - I loooove this session…and their dog too!! omg so cute!ReplyCancel

  • ashley mitchell - THAT PUG! I just love that face haha – so cute!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - Look at that dog!! Such a cute couple! Great job with this session!ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Lynne - Awesome! Brought tears to the old Auntie’s eyes! You two rock! XOReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Messick - That one pug shot of her looking at the camera with the couple out of focus made my day!!! Haha!ReplyCancel

  • Caitlin - oh my gosh i LOVE that wall with the giant map- such an awesome shot. that dog is the funniest thing ever!!!ReplyCancel

  • Nasta - Amazing session!ReplyCancel

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Nina + Josh = Nosh

We knew it was going to be an awesome morning. We knew we’d giggle and have a blast taking their pictures. But we had no clue we’d have
such a hysterical time with these two! We love our job SO much because we get to meet some of the coolest people who just get us.
From start to finish our entire time spent with these two was constant laughter. We appreciate their dedication and perseverance
through the maze of spiderwebs that is Scott’s Run Nature Preserve. These two dodged quite a few webs and ran
right into quite a few others. But they handled it like troopers and powered on. It was worth it!

At the end of the session they brought some champagne to toast to their upcoming marriage. Super adorable. Even more adorable?
Josh brought himself a Bud Light and drank it from a champagne glass. Utter sophistication right there.:)

Nosh – you rock. We’ll see your pretty faces in June.

Nosh Engagement - 079Nosh Engagement - 01McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0001Nosh Engagement - 08Nosh Engagement - 017McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0002Nosh Engagement - 013McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0003Nosh Engagement - 020McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0004McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0006Nosh Engagement - 01000004McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0007Nosh Engagement - 035Nosh Engagement - 01000003McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0008Nosh Engagement - 041Nosh Engagement - 043Nosh Engagement - 044McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0009Nosh Engagement - 046McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0010Nosh Engagement - 051McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0011Nosh Engagement - 077McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0016Nosh Engagement - 059Nosh Engagement - 062McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0013Nosh Engagement - 010000McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0014Nosh Engagement - 074Nosh Engagement - 078McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0015Nosh Engagement - 082McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0018Nosh Engagement - 083Nosh Engagement - 089McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0019Nosh Engagement - 01000002Nosh Engagement - 097McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0020Nosh Engagement - 0101McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0021Nosh Engagement - 0106McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0026Nosh Engagement - 0110NoshGif3Nosh Engagement - 0115McClean-Virginia-Engagement-Photographer_0025Nosh Engagement - 01000001Nosh Engagement - 0124

  • Kat St. John - Beautiful! The light is fantastic, and I LOVE the lensflare in the Gif.ReplyCancel

  • ashley barnett - What a cute session! Love that ring shot on the leaves! And love they brought champagne and beer to the session!ReplyCancel

  • Jackie Phillips - They are so cute! I love that last b&w with them kissing and toasting!ReplyCancel

  • Isabelle - Love her dress!! Such a great session.ReplyCancel

  • Brea - They are such a cute couple!! I love how sweet these all are! I’m cracking up that you did a gif.ReplyCancel

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Matt + Krystal = Mystal

These two are just so much fun. Krystal has followed our work for some time so we were super flattered to have
a client who is so all about our style!:DWe met up at the crack of dawn in North Beach and the sun was shining bright!
Luckily the pier was deserted so we were able to have a field day! Afterwards we headed back to Krystal’s house to take some
pictures with their lovely pups, Valerie and Chloe! We just wanted to eat them up they were so adorable. Also, that big willow
tree behind them in those pictures is the exact spot that Matt popped the question. So sweet!

We couldn’t be more in love with these images and cannot wait for their sweet little wedding next March.

Mystal Engagement - 01  North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0001Mystal Engagement - 016North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0002Mystal Engagement - 010North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0006 Mystal Engagement - 09Mystal Engagement - 019North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0007Mystal Engagement - 029North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0005Mystal Engagement - 035North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0008Mystal Engagement - 030Mystal Engagement - 037North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0009Mystal Engagement - 040North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0010Mystal Engagement - 044North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0011Mystal Engagement - 058North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0012Mystal Engagement - 062North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0013Mystal Engagement - 060Mystal Engagement - 052Mystal Engagement - 066North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0015Mystal Engagement - 079North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0016Mystal Engagement - 072Mystal Engagement - 078North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0017KrystalMattGifMystal Engagement - 092North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0018Mystal Engagement - 094Mystal Engagement - 099Mystal Engagement - 0100North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0020Mystal Engagement - 0103North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0021Mystal Engagement - 0106Mystal Engagement - 0107North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0022Mystal Engagement - 0112North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0023Mystal Engagement - 0118Mystal Engagement - 0122North-Beach-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0024Mystal Engagement - 0114

  • Kelly Garisto - Outstanding job! So natural and special!ReplyCancel

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Meg + Daniel = Meniel

When we first met these two over Skype we fell in love with them. They’re both soft spoken but have such big hearts. All they
wanted for a wedding was a quick, intimate elopement in DC surrounded by their family and friends. Neither gets particularly
excited about big showy events, lots of eyes on them and public declarations of love. So, this wedding was ABSOLUTELY them.
We arrived at the Courtyard Marriott that afternoon and the weather couldn’t have been better for a wedding at Mitchell park.
The clouds were big, thick and fluffy and there was a gentle breeze. After a quick little ceremony  we strolled around and
took some portraits and then headed over to one of their favorite spots – The Saloon – for just a few more.
They had a little reception there later that night. It even had ice cream! So jealous!

Here is to many years of happiness to you two lovebirds! <3

St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0059Meg and Daniel - 02Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 003Meg and Daniel - 012Meg and Daniel - 037Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 004Meg and Daniel - 027Meg and Daniel - 040Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 006Meg and Daniel - 052Meg and Daniel - 055Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 007Meg and Daniel - 061St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0032Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 068Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 011Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 081Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 012Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 093Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 013Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0117Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 014Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0120Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 015Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0125Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 016Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0149Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 017Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0156Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 018Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0170Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 019Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0187Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0191Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0245Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0247Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 020Meg and Daniel - 01Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 021Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0278Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 022Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0288Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 023Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0292Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 024Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0299Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 025Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0302Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 026Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0317Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 027Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0312Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 028Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0323Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 029Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0336Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 031Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0345Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0348Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 032Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0362Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 033Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0370Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 034Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0377Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 035Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0384Washington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 036MegDanielGifWashington-DC-Elopement-Photographer - 0408

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Drew + Katie = Dratie

This session is the perfect example of why we LOVE sunrise sessions. That golden hour where the light is just perfect – it makes photos
so dreamy! We met Katie and Drew at the Sandaway, which is an adorable bed and breakfast in Oxford, MD. The property was beautiful!
We had a field day with the stunning backdrop of the bay – including a little beach! Afterwards we headed to St. Michaels, MD where
Drew proposed! It’s a hidden gem – a little beach town tucked away. We loved the energy there. It’s definitely on our list of places to live for
a year when we’re millionaires! ;-D We had an awesome time with these two – they’re so in love and so sweet to each other. It’s hard to
be around them without smiling! They even did a little titanic shot at the very end of the session. Yes, Kathy requested it. How can
anyone walk next to a little boat and not want to reenact the “I’M FLYING, JACK!” scene?! Regardless, they did it without
thinking twice and we love them for it. We love couples that don’t take themselves too seriously!

We are SO excited for their September wedding – it’s on a yacht. Which, you know, is amazing.
We’re dying with anticipation. <3


St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 073St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0001St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 04St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0002St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 011St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0003St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 015St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 016St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 020St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0005St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 019St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0006St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 028St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0008St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 051St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 038St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0009St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 040St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0011St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 046St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 043St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0022St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 052St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 061St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0013St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 062St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0014St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 065St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 074St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0015St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 078St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 083St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0016St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 087St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0017St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 091St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0018St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 097St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0019St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 0106St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0020St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 0107St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 0108St Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer_0021St-Michaels-Maryland-Engagement-Photographer - 0113

  • ashley barnett - Oooo! Love the light and location – and they are adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Caitlin - this is such a gorgeous session- the light, the setting, the couple- love it all!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Ewell - Love the one of them sitting in the beach chairs. And all the ones of them in the trees are awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Brea - So many fun and creative shots! I love love love this session and I swear you guys always have the cutest couples. These two are adorbs and I want to be friends with them!ReplyCancel

  • Michael and Carina - Such lovely use of natural light!!ReplyCancel

  • Laura - What a great variety of shots and locations, beautiful work!ReplyCancel

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